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Sourdough bread made at home (natural yeast)

  Read to be baked! Making bread with natural yeast, also known as sourdough, is a rewarding and traditional process. Natural yeast is a mixture of flour and water that captures wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria from the environment. This yeast mixture also called a " starter " or " levain " is used as the leavening agent in sourdough bread. Here's a basic step-by-step guide on how to make bread with natural yeast at home: Ingredients: 1 cup all-purpose or whole wheat flour (for the starter) 1/2 cup lukewarm water (chlorine-free) A kitchen scale A clean glass or plastic container with a lid A kitchen thermometer Additional flour and water for the bread dough Salt (for flavor) Day 1: Creating the Starter In a clean glass or plastic container, mix 1/2 cup of lukewarm water (around 80-85°F or 27-29°C) with 1/2 cup of all-purpose or whole wheat flour. Mix until you have a thick, smooth paste. Cover th

Little Prince Christening Party Theme

After a long, wonderful and relaxing weekend at Protaras I am back with a new post.
Two weeks ago, little Andreas was christened.  The ceremony took place at Omodos, a beautiful village 30’ minutes away from Limassol.
The theme of the christening party was “Little Prince”.  There were about 200 guests invited to the party and I have to say that we all had a great time!!
I prepared a three tier christening cake, which was decorated with fondant.  It was a chocolate fudge cake, filled with chocolate cream and fresh organic strawberries. 
Vanilla flavoring, with fresh organic strawberries and chocolate fudge cupcakes were given to each guest as a treat.  All were decorated with fondant icing.
This cake was decorated twice. I did not like the way it looked the 1st time, so I decided to make a new one.  I liked this one.  I hope you like it too!

I started decorating the cupcakes at 8:00 o' clock in the morning, and finished at 9:15' at night.

Prince Andreas with his godfather, Yiannis!
The lucky/happy father!!!
The Christening Party Decoration!!
 Each guest was offered a cupcake.
 A traditional sweet made with almonds and sugar was given to each family as well.
Cupcakes, marshmallows, candies and lollipops were all over the place!  Kids were so excited! 


  1. A M A Z I N G !!
    You put lots of hours but it was certainly worth it
    The cake and and cupcakes are beautiful!:)

  2. These are gorgeous ... You are sooo talented :-)

  3. Wow - I love it! The parents of the little prince must have been so happy. Phew, you have incredible talent!

  4. Everything looks wonderful! That was a lot of work and you did a beautiful job as always :)

  5. Oh E, the cake is amazing. You get more and more talented all the time. I've loved watching how you improve your craft. The entire set up was incredible! Happy days to the Little Prince!

  6. Everything looks great, but the tast was even more amazing!
    For another time you made a wonderful work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What a fabulous looking Christening! Everything looks so beautiful and the cake is a piece of art:-)

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  9. I really like that cake is looking real is my day I will enjoy to have one like that one it look really good to break the diet :)

  10. Highly descriptive post, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?


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