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Hello everyone.   It has been a while since my last post.   I will not give you a recipe for this post,  since it was a complimentary dish from a dearest person. All I can say is that it was delicious!    

Student Ideal Organic Energy Bars (and a Giveaway)!

This post is dedicated to the students of BMCC: Borough of Manhattan Community College.

I remember when I was a student, especially during the midterms when I was pilled up with exams, I was craving for sugar and the easiest snack I could find back then, was chocolate or ready-made cookies.  Nowadays I crave for a sweet bite regularly, most of the times because I feel tired or stressed, but I try to control it with healthier choices.  An article that was written by my dietitian, Ioannis Kerimis, “Stress and Emotional Eating”, made me realize that most of the times the reason I end up eating sweets is mostly because of what I feel.

I tried to create a snack that can give the receiver a sweet taste, without the guilt that usually accompanies similar snacks, and at the same time to offer energy and nutrition, something that it is essential for students.  In this way, we can satisfy our need for a sweet bite and control our weight too. Another article that gave me useful information about my eating mistakes is “Factors that negatively affect weight loss”.

These bars are made with organic ingredients and they contain approximately 125-130 calories per bar. They are very easy to make and they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two months.

As a Thank-you gesture, I wanted to make a Giveaway of a purely Mediterranean Cookbook.

My dearest friend Ivy from was kind enough to offer us the 1st Volume of her excellent e-Book “MINT, CINNAMON &BLOSSOM WATER”.
Volume 1 includes all Savory dishes, mezedes, side dishes, and salads.

In Volume 2, you will find loaves of bread, bread products, Pites (pies), snacks, almyra (savory pastries), traditional and modern Desserts, Glyka tou koutaliou (fruit preserves), marmalades (jams), drinks, etc.

The winner of the Giveaway will be announced at the 29th of February 2012 after a random draw. ( will be used).

Due to a blog problem leaving a comment might take 3-4 minutes, but finally it works. 

In order to participate in this Giveaway please do either or both of the following:
- Share the post on Facebook and/or Twitter and Copy/Paste the link to my blog letting me know that you've done so.
- Leave a 2nd comment on this post stating your thoughts about emotional eating.
- You can leave up to two comments. 


Student Ideal Organic Energy Bars
Makes 20

Ingredients (all Organic)
1 cup oats
½ cup Oatbran (Mornflake)
½ cup raw unsalted sunflower seeds
¼ cup whole-wheat flour
½ cup powdered nonfat dry milk (Regilait 0%)
½ teaspoon cinnamon powder
¼ teaspoon mixed spices
12 dried apricots
10 raw pecan nuts or 40 raw almonds (60gr)
8 pitted dried dates
½ cup raisins
1 peeled and shredded apple
¼ cup mountain bee honey (80gr)
2 egg-whites (medium eggs)

Preparation Method
1) Place all ingredients except for egg-whites, honey, and apple in a food processor and pulse until the mixture is finely chopped.
2) Add the egg-whites, honey and apple and pulse until the mixture is well combined.
3) On the bottom of a square pan (25cm x 25cm)  place a non stick baking paper, and spread mixture evenly in the pan.
4) Bake in a pre-heated oven at 170ºC (350ºF), for approximately 20 minutes.
5) Allow to cool and cut into 20 bars.
6) Wrap with clean film and store in the fridge.


  1. Perfect and Sweet:-)
    Thank you!

    1. Although they are very good for you and would be a good snack I have noticed that people tend to shy away from "healthy" food thats obviously healthy, I dont know why but I think food is a channel for more complicated issues and sometimes I think people dont want to "settle" because food is one of the only rewards they can award to themselves so for some reason (probably noticed people "women especially" have a love/hate relationship with food.

  2. Dear Efty,
    The organic bars look like they are full of health!Lovely idea of making these bars and its amazing that you thought of something that is so quick to make:)Have a great week ahead!

  3. I do welcome a healthy snack and there is just enough sweet here to help you get through the craving. Glad to come across this recipe.

  4. Dear Efty, even though I have a subscription to your posts, I come here quite often and really miss you when you are not here for a while... Thank you for your post, it is a great and healthy snack. My emotional eating is all about tomatoes with piece of feta cheese and rye bread, and I can eat a lot of it when I am stressed. What can I say, I am crazy about tomatoes!

  5. Very sweet idea to dedicate this post. The students will be proud, and nourished! :)

  6. I believe this is the first time I've seen a recipe for energy bars. In this economy, this recipe is a gift. I'm stocking up on my next trip to Costco and will try my hand with this recipe. I spend a fortune on energy bars!

  7. These are perfect morning or afternoon snacks to stop your crave for something sweet. Good luck to all your readers for my cookbook.

  8. Looks really nice. I am coming over tonight to make sure that it tast as good as it looks ! ;)

  9. I think I need one of these energy bars right now! I'm sleepy! :D

  10. These look great. We often eat granola or energy bars after a workout. I'm going to try these instead. Thanks!

  11. Hi Efty,
    I am delighted to pass on the Liebster award to your lovely blog!Please do take out time to stop by and collect your award here
    Your Liebster Award
    See you!!

  12. These look delish! You have a wonderful site and congratulations on the blog award from Sudha! It was a wonderful pick! I too struggle with craving sugar when I feel stressed but have been trying to hit the treadmill instead! I look forward to reading your blog! Have a wonderful week!

  13. Energy bars looks yummy and easy to make.
    Great giveaway :) thank you

  14. Tweeted!/iFrostcakes/status/167892041722896384

  15. Wow I had the quick glance through your blog...your cakes are pieces of art...if I could make such lovely stuff, I don't know whether I could eat them at all! :-)

  16. Wow, healthy & delicious bars! Sounds wonderful! Many thanks for your kind words!

  17. I'm currently a student at Towson University and could totally use some of these bars to boost my energy while I'm writing my research paper. They sound delicious. Thanks.

  18. Those do sound wonderful, Eftychia. Have a nice day, my friend. :) ((HUGS))

  19. Oh, these looks so tasty AND healthy! Most of my bad eating habits come from licking frosting bowls, etc, while I'm baking :/

  20. This looks amazing! And definitely another muesli bar I will attempt to make besides my own sugarless recipe - the more the better :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  21. These energy bars look great! I remember in college I'd make peanut butter and M&M candy sandwiches before finals ( haha and yes.. I know that is disgusting) This looks like way better snack! And way less of a sugar crash :)

  22. Beautiful valentine's day treat!Love the decoration and congrats on the Award!

  23. I am a BMCC student. I like the recipe and I can wonder why we crave for sweet things when we study because at times it's so boring and miserable.

  24. Ευτυχία φαίνονται τέλειες, θα τις δοκιμάσω σίγουρα!

  25. SO healthy and delicious!!! I'd love to have a batch to snack on in my kitchen :)

  26. I am a BMCC student and these snack can be really helpful. Many of us likes to eat while studying or doing any homework; this looks like a delicious snack and its healthy.

  27. These bars look healthy. The ingredients are very important to me and I hope to make these soon.

  28. Hey - these look great!
    I've just seen this post, I don't know how I missed.
    Anyway these bars are good for me as I usually forget to eat until late afternoon.

  29. These look just like store bought granola bars- except much healthier, no sucralose or fructose syrup involved here! Love the addition of apple and almonds. I'll definitely be trying these out and let you know if I make 'em on my blog.

    For anyone with a savoury snacking impulse- I made some Rye Caraway crackers here that are delicious and healthy:

  30. love the healthy bars .. its seems easy to do ,

  31. I'm actually kind of the opposite of an emotional eater......I am an emotional restricter, which I think is equally as bad. But I'm working on doing more of an intuitive eating thing, and these bars look like they'd be great for fueling me :)

  32. Healthy looking energy bars. Thank you for dedicating this to us-the BMCC students!
    -Besart N.

    1. P.S. These energy bars also seem to truly provide fast-acting carbohydrates to facilitate quick energy delivery. They also have a generous glycemic content that can help our bodies to be fuelled anytime we need.

  33. A perfect healthy energy bar recipe.

  34. I love energy bars but fear all the junk in them--love that you've made your own!

  35. this is so true and energy bars are not even that bad. they are the perfect snacks with less calories and can definally hepl with coping with the stress of midterms.
    p.s neo this is nelsy

  36. This snack bar looks really good, i wasn't a big fan of snack bars but i'd love to try this one. This is Hager!

  37. wow this looks really good . can't wait to try it- Hager

  38. hey I'm Bmcc student,this is a good snack to munch on espcially when your stressed out and want something sweet. Super helpful while studying for an exam.

  39. I'm a BMCC student and these snacks have lots of ingredients to that can you energized and focused while working/studying. They must be quite dense too and the sweetness can bring you back for more bites! I'm not an emotional eater, but I see how using food can ease the stresses of everyday life because it is something we ourselves can control, especially when we feel the world around is totally out of our control. It is probably better to have a snack like this than to reach for the chips/candy/etc. Keep up the great work!! ~Michelle M.

  40. As a student in psychology class, I can tell you this is highly needed for me. Not only do I have to balance out high school work but also credits for college. It becomes a tedious task and I need that little energy boost which this bar gives me. Maybe it's the fact that I'm eating something so sweet and delicious that brings my spirits up again (making it all mental) or if it really does work. Either way I really enjoy this recipe! Thank you!
    -Kiana M.

  41. I'm a BMCC Student, Although it looks really yummy and is probably healthy.. My first thought on this picture is fattening. emotional eating has become an all-too-common problem, many of us don't see the extent to which our feelings can impact our eating habits. For Me, eating makes me feel good.. not realizing I sabotage my diets makes me feel extremely guilty. (Guilty Pleasure);-)
    - N. ALLIE

  42. Thank you for this recipe. I am very aware of my eating habits and my stuggles with weight. Thought I am usually within a healthy weight for my size, I realize that the slippery slope to weight gain will sneak up in a moments notice. In truth, maintaining a heathy weight and fit body is simple, move more and eat wisely. That said, as obvious as it is, there have been so many times that I slide right out of my good habits into the abyss of inactivity and unheathy eating. Stress, bordom, and sometimes even social gatherings will throw me out of my healthy habits. Perhaps staying in tune to a blog such as this will be a reminder as the great benifits of healthy living. Developmental Psych speaks a great deal about support systems in life. Perhaps this is another outlet.


  43. Look Delish, I will definitely Make it, You are correct around midterms its very stressful and its easy to fall into a habit of grabbing something that is fast and unhealthy. I have a face paced life while attending school, I also travel to school with my son (He attends Daycare at BMCC) so I always have to be very mindful what I eat because that will basically be his diet. I offer him raisins, in which we both love, he is not a bog fruit eater but we both love Trail mix for snacking. I try an avoid Mc. Donald's at all cost, which I do... However I will love to try this recipe instead of buying the health bars that are somewhat processed. These bars offer a lot of carbs and as you stated "glycemic content that can help our bodies to be fueled anytime we need." Thank you for Thinking Of BMCC students, for you once were a student as well :)

    Merida Angelina (Psy 240)

  44. Diana.M. (Pysch 240)December 17, 2012 at 9:11 PM

    This recipe looks phenomenal considering that finals are nearing into close intervals. Subsequently, I have been looking for healthier substitutes to stay energized for studying and work purposes. Although I like to think that I make healthy choices when it comes to food, I find myself pivoting down this inexplicable road of extreme junk food when I am under a lot of stress especially when it comes to academia. Though I am able to compensate this shortfall with consistent workout routines, I have seen the negative effects that it holds over me physically and mentally. Although easily attainable snacks such as snickers, Hershey bars, or M&Ms give me a 5 minute boost of energy, I will innately feel myself worse off than I was before. When eating these types of snacks, I become very irritable and unfocused in which I care not to fully give 100% whether it be in school, work or my family life. Recipes such as yours are a great alternative that every individual with a hectic lifestyle should consider opting to for a richer and healthier lifestyle.

    1. Recognizing the impact of sweets on focus makes me think about the food served in schools. If they are highly processed carbs, does that contribute to students' lack of motivation in the classroom. Also, exercise is so important for maintaining the health of nervous system processing, reduce stress, enhance mood, and support feelings of well-being. So exercise in schools can also nurture student well-being in the classroom enhancing their ability to apply themselves to tasks at hand.

  45. Hello, this recipe looks so tempting and am sure it taste good as well. As a young student and a teen, I find it hard eating in the morning before going to school and when I do get a chance I always take a bar of Sneakers with with me some times 2 or more. I know it isn't healthy for me but I love the chocolate and the sugary contents it has. I try granola bar sometimes and honestly I really don't like it. I also think it has to do with me been a late Adolescent in terms of what I was brought up to and what I see other people eating. I am definitely going to give this a trial and I hope it stops me from eating unhealthy food. Philomena. G Psy 240

  46. Hello, this recipe looks so tempting and am sure it taste good as well. As a young student and a teen, I find it hard eating in the morning before going to school and when I do get a chance I always take a bar of Sneakers with with me some times 2 or more. I know it isn't healthy for me but I love the chocolate and the sugary contents it has. I try granola bar sometimes and honestly I really don't like it. I also think it has to do with me been a late Adolescent in terms of what I was brought up to and what I see other people eating. I am definitely going to give this a trial and I hope it stops me from eating unhealthy food. Philomena. G Psy 240

  47. I think some students think that energy bars can bring energy because they have “Placebo Effect”
    The placebo effect has sometimes been defined as a physiological effect caused by the placebo, as a placebo is an inert substance that does not directly cause anything. Even if that bar does not give energy students are still thinking different. They believe at that so that brings them energy.


  48. You hit it right on the nail, stress eating during finals! That is a major problem for my friends and I. There are times when we pull all-night study sessions and in order to keep us awake we stock up on nothing but the typical unhealthy treats like redbull, doritos, and tons of chocolate. It is by far, the best recipe--- for disaster. I think that your recipe offers a wonderful alternative to the "junk food" that most students eat during stressful times. I believe that on one of our typical all-nighters, we can spend some time making this before we dive into studying. It'll be beneficial anyways because it is a much healthier option, doesn't have a "crash" at the end, and looks delicious. It might also be note worthy that there are certain fruits and vegetables that you can eat that give a good boost of energy like bananas, spinach, and sweet potatoes, but i wouldn't know how to make that in a healthy way LOL

  49. I actually went to the doctor on Tuesday and she said I should stop eating unhealthy food because it can cause some serious heart problems so she advised me to start eating foods with vegetable, fiber and grains. Your recipe will be a great start for me and I am really exicited and mostly during these finals week, stress increased so at least I have something to chew on..

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