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Hello everyone.   It has been a while since my last post.   I will not give you a recipe for this post,  since it was a complimentary dish from a dearest person. All I can say is that it was delicious!    

Best Indian Rice Recipe

Internet is back!!  I am back with a recipe given to me by my dearest aunt, Patricia.  Auntie Pat was brought up in India.  She cooks the BEST Indian dishes I ever had and I am very proud to present one of the most delicious Indian rice recipes ever.  Thank you auntie for sharing your secrets with me and my fellow readers!!!


The only changes I made to this recipe (due to my diet) was to use only 2 tablespoons of Greek Olive Oil instead of frying oil.  I also saute, instead of frying, two large onions instead of one.

Aunty Pat’s Rice Recipe
Serves 8-10

2 cups raw basmati rice (wash well in about 5 changes of warm water till water is clear)
1 large onion
Cooking oil
2-inch stick of cinnamon broken into two
4 cloves
4 black pepper balls
4 cardamoms (just squeeze the tip of the seed casing a little so that there is an opening for the flavors to escape)
2 bay leaves
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
Frozen peas as required
Salt to taste
  1. Wash the rice and leave to soak while you prepare the spice mixture.
  2. Finely slice the onion.
  3. In a large frying pan or saucepan, using about 2.5ozs cooking oil, gently fry the onions till they are slightly opaque, then add cinnamon sticks, cloves, black pepper balls, cardamoms, and bay leaf, fry for a further 2-3 minutes continuously mixing. Add the turmeric powder and mix for a further a minute or so.
  4. Drain the rice from the water and add it to the prepared mixture above. Mix this well till all the rice has been coated with the mixture, then pour the entire contents into a square (or whatever shape you want) cooking tin.
  5. Add enough water to cover the rice about, 3/4 of an inch above the rice. At this point, you can add your peas and salt. Cover with foil which seals the contents well, and place in a preheated oven (170 C) for approximately 20-30 minutes.
  6. Remove the tin from the oven, gently lift the corner of the foil and check that the water has evaporated, if so, check the rice is cooked, if so, leave covered for at least 10 minutes, before serving. If the water has not evaporated, replace in oven for a further few minutes.
  7. In case you do not like the black peppers, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and bay leaf. you can remove them before serving.

I normally garnish this with fried onions, a boiled egg, cucumber, and tomato which is optional. (Fry two medium onions till they are brown. Lay on a kitchen towel for the oil to drain, then sprinkle on rice - gives it a sweet taste) on top of this lay alternative slices of tomato, egg, and cucumber).


  1. Yumm! I love learning recipes passed on from family members. Thanks for sharing this. I imagine this rice is versatile, but do you have a favorite dish to eat it with?

  2. Yum! I worked in an orphanage in a really poor area of India a few years ago and the food was outstanding! I would love to try this!

  3. Indian food is something I really like (as long as it's not too spicy), and I know they make great rice!
    I'm glad you're sharing this recipe, I'm gonna use it

  4. Ooh, this is lovely! We make a version of this with added ingredients like ghee (clarified butter), cumin seeds and cashewnuts! A side of dal (lentils) and a flavoursome lamb curry, and you've got the wedding feast of Southern India!

    Nice one. :)

  5. I like the look of this rice dish! It's a great idea for a weeknight meal. Buzzed you!

  6. What a great rice dish! So simple and tasty. Love all of the spices and depth of flavors. Thanks for sharing!

  7. mmm seems realy yummy!!

  8. The modification sin the recipe is surely adding a new twist to its flavor.

  9. I am definitely trying this soon!! I love rice

  10. I love family sweet of your aunt to share it :-)

  11. This does look absolutely delicious!

  12. Sadly, I have never been gifted with rice-cookery. Now that I'm living in Ecuador, it's even more of a problem. I keep inviting people over and seeing the look of disappointment on their faces when I don't serve any rice!

  13. I am loving Indian cuisine right now and one more nice way to make rice is always a welcome! Thanks, dearie!

  14. Your aunty Pat really does know how to make some awesome rice! I do not experiment that much with rice dishes, so I find myself eating plain rice quite a bit. Definitely a good recipe for flavoring up things a bit. Saving this one!

  15. a very delicious rice recipe...looks absolutely yum !

  16. I am always looking for something new to do with rice. This looks so tasty.

  17. This is absolutely yummy!! You've perfectly made too!

  18. Oh, we LOVE rice...and this version is full of deliciousness!

  19. Glad you're back! And thanks for sharing this authentic recipe. We make rice often and love the spices in this one.

  20. I don't remember the last time I had a baked rice dish--this looks wonderful!

  21. Looks wonderful! And I've had a baked rice dish once before and it was really good, so I'm a big fan of baked rice now! Love the spices!

  22. How can I not miss an Indian rice recipe? I have never added turmeric to the rice but other spices do add it. Say Hi to your Aunt Pat from an Indian reader.

  23. YUM! I love the cardamom in this r!ice

  24. Dear Efty,
    So lovely to see you make such a cherished Indian rice dish!This is actually a favorite of mine and we call it 'Pulao'. It can be embellished in as many ways as one wishes, but the basic recipe is alwya the same and your Aunt Pat must be a lovely cook!Lovely colors, lovely flavors and lip-smackingly delicious!

  25. Glad your internet is back! :) Love the sound of your rice recipe - very nice.

  26. This Indian Rice looks delicious! I love the bright color, it looks so fresh and yummy! Beautiful presentation, I would eat it in a heart beat :) Have a good rest of your weekend!

  27. Yum!!! Looks great..have not had this type of rice before..thx for sharing!

  28. This indian rice looks superb :D
    I love the beautiful yellow colour - just like ma's cooking!

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Strawberry Hot Fudge Choc-Cobbler

  29. This rice looks delicious! And it would work well with so many Indian dishes!

  30. Glenna WilliamsMay 5, 2012 at 4:35 PM

    This rice looks really delicious. It's important to remember though, that rice is a carbohydrate food therefore one or two spoonfuls in sufficient. I think that if you are having rice, have alot of green salads or fresh vegetables with this. Beautiful rice dish! I like trying new foods. I will try it.

  31. well I do not see it so delicious it may be because it is made with rice and I don't eat rice because it has much carboydrates..

  32. This looks tasty, I have an Indian friend and she knows how to cook delicious dishes as well and this rice looks very similar.

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